How to Protect Your Online Store from Fraud?

protect-online-storeThe online stores are vulnerable to digital threats and fraud. An entrepreneur or a businessman need to rethink about the security challenges he may have to face before investing in an online venture.

Experts state that about one in every five businesses suffers from malicious activities over the internet including phishing and hacking. And, among them, more than half of the business suffer huge financial and goodwill lose and close down their businesses. So, to play on the safe side, we have compiled some of the best practices to protect your online store, these are;

1. Monitoring transactions

You are the best manager and supervisor of your business. To prevent frauds and a malicious attack, you can simply track the sales and keep an eye on the inconsistent purchase orders. Make sure each customer enters a physical address so that any doubtful activity from their accounts can be audited. You install add-ons to prevent users from the spam IP addresses.

2. Implement address verification

The address verification system is an effective solution to prevent fraud as it matches the billing address, a user enters with that of the credit cards and verifies the owner of the card is making the transaction. It stops fraudsters from making payments with someone else’s card.

3. Setting shopping limits

Being an administrator, you have the right to hold additional orders from users by setting a limit according to normal purchase cycle. Whether you run as a retailer or a wholesaler, every buyer place order of a certain amount or quantity, which exceeds in holidays only. Set a limit to user’s accounts so that the losses are bearable if a fraud occurs.

4. Make the Card verification value mandatory

Getting the credit card numbers and expiry date can easily be acquired by hackers, but the payment card industry rules prevent saving the card verification value (CVV) that’s why they cannot get these three or four digit codes unless they steal the physical card. To ensure the card owner is making the payment, mark the CVV a mandatory field to fill.

5. Setting tough password criteria

You might have experienced that most of the email service providers define the strength of passwords by the use of capital letters, numbers and special characters in it.

To protect unauthorized access to a user account, online store managers shall ask developers to define tough criteria that secure consumer identity and illegal use of their personal and financial data.


The internet security for businesses is a hot topic as more and more merchants want to unleash the power of the e-commerce website to reach their targeted audience but are worried about the frauds and cyber threats as well.

5 Tech Jobs with Highest-Ever Salaries in the Market

Computers are in the business since long, but the development and innovation in the past decade have brought more career prospects for computer graduates and skilled personnel.

If you have been aspiring the computer technology and know, how to code, then surely you deserve a high paying job in the industry. According to the research, the following list includes some of the most promising and highest ever salaries jobs a computer science graduates need to consider.

  1. Web Application Developer


You might be busy in browsing different websites but never thought of how and who made them. These applications are backed by the knowledge and expertise of web developers. They need to master the complex languages to develop a complete website.

Due to the high demand in web development field, they have the option either to work as independent freelancers or get affiliated with a company and secure a job. On average, they can grab about $78, 568 of annual earnings.

  1. Software Engineer


The term ‘software engineer’ is an old one and commonly known as they are credited for bringing the top-notch programs to the markets, which are still in use.

With the passage of time, their demand never decreased as the increase in e-commerce industry has created more opportunities for them. They also have to learn different computer languages to develop programs that solve problems of businessmen, students, professionals or a common man. The annual salary of a software engineer can be $59,307.

  1. Security Administrator


Hackers are in search of harming your computer systems, and the entire network or server of a corporate concern. To strengthen the security, companies are in need of a security administrator who oversees different activities on the server to make sure everything is perfectly fine and smooth.

They are often in charge of mega projects where their sole responsibility is to prevent any loss or theft of the data on a server. They can withdraw about $69,797 a year from an employer.

  1. Data Architect


If you have secured good marks in mathematics throughout your academics and have a passion for calculations, you can utilize them in a role of a data architect. You will be required to work closely with data modelers who have an exposure of the practical mathematics rather than the pure one.

The data architects are sometimes given the responsibilities of a modeler where they are required to define storage and archival mechanism for the information of an organization. The median salary for this job is about $100,717 per annum.

  1. System Analyst


Have you ever contacted an IT company when a computer system stops working anymore? The system analysts have a kind of major responsibility of ensuring that all the systems are working properly and that any issue can be resolved in the shortest possible time.

They have to supervise the networking and find a reliable solution for any technical issue.  They are also consulted for suggesting software that fulfills the business needs of an enterprise. A Systems analyst can earn up to $96,207 a year.

3 Successful Tech Entrepreneurs You Need to Know

The Internet has always been an inspiration for me as it gives you enough information about most aspiring technology entrepreneurs who have changed the world with the help of their visionary thought and leadership. They craft ideas that have a spark which cannot be seen until they get a success.

The rough idea is often ridiculed, but strong determination helps them prove the effectiveness and practicality of what they have planned and conceived. I am going to share top 3 most influential tech entrepreneurs I like the most.

 1. Elon Musk


The entrepreneur who is known for inventing the first ever sports car that is fully electric vehicle i.e. the Tesla Motors. He is also praised to founding the most reliable payment gateway for secure online transactions, i.e. PayPal. The most striking attribute of his personality is coming up with an innovative idea and executing it to success.

Today, he is the CEO of Tesla Motors, co-founder of PayPal, CTO, and CEO of SpaceX. Along with money making ideas, he is also focusing on eco-friendly ideas such as the SolarCity – a company dedicated to solar energy – and Hyperloop which is a concept of bringing up fast speed commute system.

2. Jay Adelson


Being the CEO of Digg, he was listed in top 100 most influential personalities around the world in the year of 2008, whereas becoming a runner-up in 2009.

Before coming into the limelight, he was the co-founder of Equinix where they provided internet exchanges and data centers. In 2010, he founded the SimpleGeo company to help app developers easily add the feature of Geo locations with their company.

He was the CEO there and then serve the company as an advisor after being acquired by Urban Airship. Currently, he is serving as a tech advisor to different companies. His continuous and active contribution in the tech industry entitles him a serial entrepreneur because he never stopped trying innovating ideas and

3. Max Levchin


Max Levchin is one of the co-creators of the famous fin-tech company – the PayPal. He was given the position of CTO and was held responsible for the anti-fraud assignments. After PayPal, he has coined different ideas and pursued them successfully.

One of the worth mentioning projects is Slide which was launched as a simple photo sharing application for social websites but later evolved into the biggest app development project for the most prominent social network Facebook.

Another venture by Max is the Yelp that becomes world famous. The core idea of Yelp was quite distinct at that time as it allows businesses to create profiles and allow their valued customers to rank and review their products and services on a platform where they cannot alter it, which give a trustworthy platform for the end consumers.